A word to the wise from Annie Sprinkle



Hey ALL of you FB friends who MAKE or ENJOY feminist porn, –we owe a big debt of gratitude to Candida Royalle the woman who pioneered the couples erotica genre in the 1980s. NOW Candida wants to create her dream project, a documentary, and needs backers on Kickstarter to manifest that dream.

She has been battling ovarian cancer for several years, and time is of the essence. Plus she has only 28 days to raise the budget on Kickstarter. So lets all show Candida some love and gratitude. She did a lot for women with her transgressive feminist erotica vision. If we all post the link to social networks several times in the next three weeks, the link and the trailer will do the work from there. Word has to get out.

Its the least we can do for this great woman who had the guts to go against the mainstream porn grain and do something new. Today so many are copying her. OK, you know what to do. For me, Candida, and the highest good of all of us, thanks for spreading the link and the love. What goes around, comes around. xxx solidarity forever. Sheona McDonald Together we can make this happen for Candida and the highest good of all ultimately. Movies change attitudes.

posted by Annie Sprinkle July 14, 2014