10 thoughts on “DONATE TO “CANDICE”

  1. Id this buys you half a tank of gas on the road, it will be worth it. I’m so glad you’re continuing to pursue this, as these crowdfunding things tend to be a crap shoot. The three I’ve supported previously all met their goals, but some had goals of as little as $8,000 while others were as high as $75,000. I wish you all the best and keep plugging along. The end result, whatever form it ultimately takes, will be worth the journey.

  2. […] The following video, produced by McDonald for her YouTube channel, summarizes the project:  http://youtu.be/I6yehyoC7mQ.  Additionally, to handle the film’s basic production costs, McDonald has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds.  If the film receives the needed support, she plans to complete production late this year and expects the film to be released in mid-2015.  For more information about the project and to contribute to its success, please visit:  https://whileyouweregonefilm.wordpress.com/donate/ […]

    • Our Kickstarter campaign wasn’t successful for the full amount. However, we are continuing to fundraise and we will film Candice’s search for her mother this Fall, 2014, and proceed to make a film – short or long – that tells this story. We are accepting funds through Paypal at the address you referenced.
      Thank you for your interest.

      • Hi!
        My name is Marco and I´m a Film Critic from Brazil, how are you?
        Would I be helpful suggesting superb musicians that would be willing to work for you, considering the low budget you are dealing with? I´m sure they could add a lot of production value to your project. One is a sensational Jazz/folk musician, the other was Morriocne´s pupil back in Italy and the third one is a sort of the Giorgio Moroder from Brazil.
        On top of that, one of the best illustrators from Brazil would also be willing to work for you under the same conditions.
        Could you please consider them?
        I can have them send you samples of their work, Candida.

        Big hugs and a great 2015…Marco Antonio

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