We started filming!

Candice and Jimmy

Just a very quick update to let you know that we started filming WHILE YOU WERE GONE last month!!

We spent a few days in St. Louis, where Candice met up with her brother Jimmy – the first time they’ve seen each other in over 60 years.

As you can imagine, it was an intense and emotional visit.

We are now planning the next shoot. Hopefully in the Spring we will spend time together in Manhattan, where we will visit the places Candice lived as a child.

Candice continues her battle against ovarian cancer and we are waiting on potentially exciting news about a new course of experimental treatments we’re hoping will be available in the Spring.

The first film we worked on together,INSIDE HER SEX, is finished and will broadcast on the documentary Channel in Canada on December 14, 2014. An excerpt from the film can be found HERE and we are working to secure a broadcaster in the US.

We appreciate your ongoing support and interest.

If you would like to donate to the next phase of the project you can do it through our Paypal account via the website for the film.

We will update further in the Spring and are still working towards completing this film in 2015.

Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic holiday season!


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