Kickstarter Finishing Campaign Starts Today!

Today is the day!

For the next 12 days we will be raising funds to complete the film “Candice”.

Please help us with this important endeavor!

You can find the campaign HERE.

We are fundraising for $15,000.00 towards the completion of Candice’s film. This money will go to hard costs such as editor salary, post production sound, composer costs, color correction, legal fees, insurance fees, licensing fees etc.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation!

Candice April 2015

On a subway while filming “Candice”

Kickstarter Campaign to Launch

On November 2nd, 2018 I will launch a campaign to raise the final funds to finish “Candice” – a documentary about Candice Vadala, aka Candida Royalle, a film five years in the making.

This project was instigated by Candice, she wanted an opportunity to tell her own story in her own words. In the Summer of 2014, she and I worked together to run an ambitious campaign to fund the entire film. Regrettably that process was tiring and we didn’t meet our goal.

We went on to raise some funds through private sources, but still not enough to complete the project – to date this film has largely been self-financed by my company Dimestore Productions. As we head into the final phase things are a bit overwhelming as real costs for real people mount. Editor/Composer/Legal/Post-Production/Rights for footage etc. These are real costs that can’t be avoided on the path to completion.

Originally, Candice and I were calling the film “While You Were Gone: The Untold Story of Candida Royalle”. In the last year it has become clear that this isn’t only a film about Candida Royalle, this is a film about the woman behind the headlines. This is a film about Candice.

I am sad to be completing this film without Candice beside me. At the same time, I am excited to finally be completing this film. This is what Candice wanted, to share the story of her life with the world. It truly is her own story in her own words.

With the successful completion of this campaign the film will be finished Winter 2019 and I am so hopeful it will find its way into film festivals worldwide and also to find broadcasters in North America.

Thank you for reading and for your patience on this endeavor!



Today is Candice’s birthday!

68 years ago she was born.

Just over 3 years ago, she passed away. Just shy of her 65th birthday.

For her birthday, I give you an update on the project she and I started together.

A long, slow labor – soon a birth.

Five years ago Candice asked me if I would help her tell her own story in her own words. She’d been in lots of films and told many of her stories to other people, but she wanted her story out there. Not just the story of her being in movies or the story of her making movies – but the other stories. Her dance, her artistry, her resilience, her search for her mother, her cancer, her family…where she’d come from and how she survived. (Other things too, but you’ll have to watch the film).

For some reason, this has been a particularly hard film to make from the get-go. Hard to get traction. It was challenged by my proximity to her, a country between us and opposite coasts. It was challenged by her passing. It has been challenged by my own closeness to the project and my own need to find the drive to persevere.

I am close. So, close.

At the beginning of 2018, I committed to myself to finish the film this year.

We have a rough cut – moving to fine, an editor working, a festival coordinator pondering, a composer musing…me rallying post-production houses and lawyers.

I’ve, personally, absorbed many hard costs over the years – thousands of dollars. In addition, I’ve put in hundreds, probably thousands, of hours. I will absorb some of the hard costs moving forward, but could also use a hand to get it over the finish line.

The campaign Candice and I did in 2014 was so tiring for us both, I swore I would never do it again.

I am asking for $15,000 to get this out the door. This will cover roughly half of the post-production we need to do. Any additional money will go to cover the rest and then to licensing some cool historical footage that is beyond my reach. (Candice is singing Banana Split by the McGuire sisters…to license them singing that song to intercut with her is $10,000 USD…a bridge too far right now for a little fun).

My objective is to make a film I think Candice would be proud of, that represents her and lets her tell the world her story.

I will launch a new/revived campaign at the end of the week to raise the funds to do this.

Please help me if you can. I’ll let you know when it’s launched and what link to find it on.

Originally, the film was called “While You Were Gone: The Untold Story of Candida Royalle”…right now, it seems fitting to just call it “Candice”.




It’s been a long while in the making.

It’s hard to believe Candice passed away nearly three years ago.

She initially engaged me in a conversation about helping her tell her own story in her own words. We struggled to get adequate financing to do more than shoot a little, but over the course of two years I filmed with her many times. We talked about her career, her cancer, her family, her background. I followed her search for her mother and we filmed her one and only reunion with her half-brother, it was the first time they’d seen each other in 62 years.

There have been many times I have longed to put the hard drives on a shelf and leave them there, but something – (Candice herself?), a desire for completion, a knowing that this is an important story that longs to be shared – has forced me to soldier on. I’ve engaged editors who have helped and then had to move on to other, more lucrative, work – it’s bounced back to me. Over and again, landing firmly and squarely in my lap.

I’ve known that if I could get the film to a solid rough cut state, if I could find a way to weave the many wandering storylines together in a cohesive and compelling way, then I could start to engage the world with this film.

As 2017 crested into 2018, I made a commitment to myself and to the project that this would be the year it gets finished.

And so it is.

Finally, there is a rough rough cut.

It is happening.

Candice’s film, which I’m currently just calling “Candice” will be finished this year.

Stay tuned!